Hi, I'm Darrien.

Working with code has been my passion. Not much feels better than popping open a terminal, and being at the command center of my computer. Inspiring others to have the same passion, and precision in STEM fields, has been a goal of mine for years. Pushing a team to the highest quality of work to make a great product is something I strive for.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, but will soon be employed full time by Arista Networks.


Smash Keeper

Android app to keep track of your Melee Tournaments and generate statistics on your playstyle. Currently under active development. Play Store link

Crisis Guard

Crisis Guard is a crossplatform service used by people during natural disasters as a way to efficiently get help, and for rescuers to respond as immediately and effectively as possible. Devpost Page


ID Hack 2016 2nd place winner. Centrefuge is a service that allows Grecian refuges find food, water, and shelter. I developed the Android Application part of the service. Devpost Page

Rock Paper Smash

A fighting game written in Java that pushes the RPS metagame of Super Smash Brothers to the forefront. Easily extensible, and fully open source. Source

Get In Touch

I will soon be employed as a full time software engineer at Arista Networks. If you have an inquiry though, feel free to send me something !